6 Health Benefits Of Ghee

According to ayurveda ghee can have amazing health benefits and can be an amazing additive to many cooked dishes.

or those who are not familiar ghee is made by boiling the butter and extracting and removing the butter fat. With that the only thing that is left is the proteins, casein, why and milk solids.

This is also known as a “clarified butter” and should be eaten in moderation. Ghee can have some ingredients that are not found in butter and can provide essential substances to the body.

1. High Smoke Point

Ghee has a higher smoke point than any other oils and butter too. That means that it can be cooked with at higher temperatures and it will not break down in free radicals like the other oils. When this happens it can be very dangerous to the general health and respiratory system.

2. Skin

Using ghee in cooking can have some benefits over the skin. It can give it a glowing look and purify it. It can reduce scars, chicken pox and if used moderately can act as a natural moisturizer.

3. Lowers Cholesterol

Ghee contains a lot of palmitic acid that can trigger the secretion of biliary lipids and boost it. That can reduce the cholesterol in the serum and intestine.

4. Better Digestion

The good bacteria inside our gut converts fiber into butyric acid that is later used for energy and intestinal wall support. Ghee contains a lot of butyric acid which is a mono-saturated fatty acid that can reduce inflammation and can aid in digestion.

5. Weight Loss

Believe it or not using this instead of regular oil can be better for weight loss. Ghee comes from grass fed cows which means it has anti cancer properties.

6. Reduced Risk Of Heart Disease

Ghee contains linoleic acid that can protect from serious issues like cancer, artery plaque and diabetes. Therefore ghee can be used in treating and preventing cardiovascular diseases