Signs That Harmful Toxins Are Overflowing In Your Body

Whenever we imagine toxic waste, our mind instantly presents the images of huge chemical factories that churn the industrial waste. Hardly we stop and think that our body has dozens of toxic substances and metals. Yes, our bodies to produce toxins and yet dangerously, can store them too.

Toxins can enter our system in many ways. Major ways in which our body accumulates Toxins are these 3:

  1. As We Breath: Every day we inhale the toxic substances in the air. People working in factories and industrial areas are breathing poisonous and polluted air all day.
  2. As We Eat: The most common cause of body toxicity through consumption of processed/canned foods added with preservatives and additives. Many healthy fruits and vegetables are adorned with insecticides. In the contaminated areas, food can be a bribe of toxic substances.
  3. Skin Contact: Our skin and eyes absorb many aerial toxins every day. In skin care products, we use daily eyelashes that are full of toxic substances. And yeah, the water in the pool is not always clean.

Over time, accumulation of toxic substances in the body can contribute to severe skin, eye and stomach infection, tumor, asthma, neurological disease, heart complications, biological mutations, and infertility. Here are the signs that your body is filled with toxins:

1. Weight Gain

Exposure to Toxins and harmful substances can damage the functions of many vital functions such as hormones and enzyme compositions. They can also harm the internal organs and impair their work to keep us alive. If you are experiencing an unexpected gain in weight despite a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, you may be affected by increased levels of toxins.

2. Persistent fatigue

If you are constantly tired, you may are suffering from toxin-induced fatigue. The body breaks down food in the digestive system to obtain the necessary nutrients for energy production. When toxic substances are accumulated in the digestive system, they slow down the breakdown of food. This makes us feel tired, dull slow and energyless.

3. Skin Issues

When there is an overload toxin in the intestines or the liver is unable to clean the toxic substances by blood, then the skin tries to take out the toxins from the skin. This toxicity by skin appears only with rashes and excessive sweating. We often use skin care and makeup products that are packaged with toxic substances. When absorbed by the skin, they clog the skin pores and causes harmful reactions.

4. Sleepless Nights

People which are regularly exposed to toxins such as factory workers, junk food lovers, living in polluted areas, often suffer from a disbalance of mental peace.

The central nervous system is able to absorb some substances easily. These substances are lipophilic toxic substances – they are quickly absorbed into the blood – and travel to the brain, they settle there. The presence of these toxins in the brain causes sleep disorders.