How To Get Rid Of Alcohol Smell From Your Breath

Happens to most of us on weekends, party harder till late night Sunday, but Monday Morning we all had to go to work. Going to the office or class with a breath smelling alcohol is not a good option. For Many guys, they are not welcomed at their own home while drunk.

Some food items have volatile molecules, though the food is inside your digestive system, these volatile molecules do come out of the system through our breath. Alcohol is an unstable and highly volatile substance that can make your breath smelly. Alcohol is not easily digested because the body sees it as poison.


The digestion and metabolism for processing alcohol mostly depend on the Liver. But, the liver can only digest about process 50-60 ml of liquid intake per hour. A standard serving size of hard alcoholic drinks (Whiskey/Vodka/Rum) is 60 ml. Due to this, most of the consumed alcohol stays in the digestive system for hours, even till late morning next day.

This problem is common in all those people who drink more. In addition to bad odor, people around you will consider you as “still drunk” because alcohol is still clearly in your system.

To make sure that people do not know that you drink a bit more, you can use simple and easy tricks to get rid of the alcohol odor. Here are tips for that.

Drink More Water

Alcohol makes your mouth dry, due to its diuretic effect. Due to the odor, a dry mouth for bacteria is a better environment. Therefore, if you are enjoying a drink, then you are roaming in water, it will help you stay hydrated and avoid dry mouth.

Chew Herbs

Strong-odor herbs like rosemary, parsley, mint or tarragon can also help cover your alcohol’s breath. These herbs are known for their deodorant properties that will help eliminate the shameful smell coming from your mouth and stomach.


Lemon is another useful solution that helps in staging the stingy alcohol inhalation, because of the presence of citrus compounds in it. In addition, lemon helps to remove the accumulated deposits from the body, thus reducing the smell of alcohol.

  • Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice to a cup of hot water. Add half a spoon of salt and mix well. Use this solution to rinse in the mouth, after blowing it well in your mouth well for 1 minute, spit it out. Repeat every 4 hours.
  • You can also drink lemonade to help reduce the odor of alcohol.
  • Drink 1 cup lukewarm water with juice of half a lemon added to it. You can add a little honey to taste.
  • If you like green tea or black tea, you can squeeze some lemon juice into it and then help you get rid of the smell of alcohol from your mouth.