How to Get Rid of Dry and Chapped Lips

Lips that are rough, dry and flaking all the time are chapped because of some problem inside your body not outside.

But the occasional occurrence of chapped lips is usually caused by the exposure to the harsh external environment of cold and dry air, hot sun and whipping winds.

In any case, chapped lips are a nuisance, and you can get rid of it at home in most cases. The dryness of the lips indicates that there is a lack of moisture on the surface of it, but in the deep, it may also be due to lack of certain nutrients and minerals.

Apply Oils

Oils particularly made of seeds are not only good moisturizers but also act as protection against dryness. A thin layer of oil on the lips doesn’t allow the harsh rays of harsh sun to penetrate the skin or the cold breeze to dry your lips.

A number of oils can be used to protect your lips. Coconut oil is the best among others. Olive oil and mustard oil are equally effective but they may smell that you may not like. Expensive almond oil is also very good for chapped lips.


Cucumber is a very potent soothing agent. Take out a cucumber from the refrigerator and make 3-4 mm thick slices. Apply them on your lips. You can just keep it on the lips or dab on the lips. 2-3 minute of application is enough to get instant relief from the pain of chapped lips.

Cucumber provides enough moisturizing effect to last.


Apply honey after the cucumber application. Honey is also a moisturizer but it is more powerful after application of cucumber. It retains the moisture provided by the cucumber slices.

Honey can also be used with sugar to get a completely different impact. Since chapped lips have a lot of dead skin flakes which should be removed to get relief.

Make a thick paste of honey and sugar and apply it on lips. Keep it there for a couple of minutes and rub it on the lips. The sugar granules with honey will gently exfoliate the dead skin making the lips not only looking smooth but feeling better also.