Study Shows Single Women are Much More Happier Than Being in A Relationship – Here’s Why

Gone are the days where women are neglected of their rights to speak and hear their voice, not all but most country honor women rights.

Now, strong-independent-powerful women are absolutely nailing every job that once before was dominantly owned by men, professions like engineers, women who works in ships and even in the military. Women of today proves that they don’t need men in their lives and they can stand for themselves and provide for themselves.

Women thinks that they should not be defined by her romantic relationships, doesn’t need to marry or to have children to feel happiness in her life and she believes that she can make her own destiny.

Actually, reports says that women are actually happier when single. Mintel’s Single Lifestyle UK 2017 reveal that 61% single women are happier with her relationship status, that’s right no women are such in a hurry to find a partner.

In the past year, 70% of single women haven’t tried looking for a partner. For the single one’s who did try to find a date or a partner study shows that 68% used modern-technological methods like dating apps, 40% tried to meet people in common friends, 19% in events and 6% also tried speed dating.

Also in previous studies, it does shows that women tend to enjoy more of a single life. It maybe because, women enjoys more of a alone time and enjoy opportunities that comes her way.

Source: Elite Readers