This Boy Claims He is From Mars in His Past Life and Reveal Secrets About the Great Sphinx in Egypt

Whether it’s from a movie or people who said they saw a UFO, we still have doubts if the stories are true. But we can feel it, that there is something out there in the universe just waiting to be discovered, so they can reveal themselves.

I mean, it is a universe and it’s greatly wide for scientist to explore.

But this boy named Boris Kipriyanovich from Russia claims that he is from Mars in his past life. He even has predictions that made scientists believed that he is telling the truth.

When he was a child, records says that he was able to read and write in the age of two and he was even able to assists his head and held it after just a couple of weeks after birth. And the most amazing part, his parents said that he was able to speak after a few months.

Stories of Boris left scientist in awe and that his stories we’re like he was really a local of the planet.

Boris nicknamed as Indigo claims that he lived on a ‘war-ravaged’ Mars, which he said suffered in a nuclear catastrophe. He even describe how tall ‘Martians’ are, he said that they are seven-foot tall and he also claims that they are still living in Mars undergrounds which they survive by breathing carbon dioxide instead of oxygen.

He also added that ‘Martians’ are immortals and creatures like his kind stop ageing at 35 and they are “technologically advanced and capable of interstellar travel.”

But in his interview, this is the most spine-chilling part when he told experts about the secrets of the Great Sphinx in Egypt. He told experts that creatures of Mars actually used to have a “strong connection to the ancient Egyptians on Earth”, he shares that he visited the planet earth once as a pilot on one occasion in his past life.

The boy claims that planet Earth would “change dramatically” when the Great Sphinx is “unlocked”, this is a monument guarding Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. He is generous enough and share details and revealed that the key to the sphinx is actually “hidden behind an ear.”

During his interview, he was asked about his thoughts with the people on Earth and Boris said:

“I don’t like saying abd things about people. The truth is out there.”

Source: Elite Readers