Canadian Woman Marries Her Filipino Boyfriend Which She Met Online

True love doesn’t know no boundaries, it doesn’t depend on the person’s appearance, age or race. Just like what we see in so much Hollywood movies, love requires a lot of sacrifices and patience.

This beautiful love story is about a Canadian woman who travel thousand miles leave her home to marry a Filipino guy she met online and that’s because of a simple “friend request.”

After two years, the two finally wanted and had the chance to meet each other. The girl flew from Canada to the General Santos City in the Philippines.

During her stay in the country, the couple enjoyed each other’s company and that help strengthen their relationship even more. However, the happy moments had to be cut short at the girl needed to return home in Canada.

But after a year and a half the girl went back to the Philippines in 2013 to marry his Filipino boyfriend.

This cute couple proves that LDR (Long Distance Relationship) does works and it is really possible to find love through online.

But you have to be careful in finding love through different dating sites of social media because not all love stories has the same ending.

Source: Elite Readers