Get Pregnant Easy With Foods, Tips And Positions

Many women want to get pregnant but cannot. Use the tips below.

Diet and nutrients– our reproduction system is ready for a baby with good diet. Alkaline foods are a must. They increase fertility so have peas, beans, sprouts, milk. If you like acidic foods, increase uterus acidity and cervical mucus but know this is awful! This can kill sperm, so skip tea, alcohol and red meats.

Supplements– get multivitamins and conceive easy. The pills have to have folic acid since this stops birth defects in the neural tube, the baby needs this!

Medical checkups– always get checked prior conceiving, and talk to the GP if you are on meds and are not sure if they are good.

Sex!– obvious method for increasing chances. Have sex at least every day not just during ovulation.

Better positions– not every position is good for pregnancy. Missionary is the best to let sperm close to cervix.

Cycle schedule– see the timing. Keep track of this and temperature of body too, this links to ovulation.

Make it simple– the vagina is unfriendly for sperm so avoid cosmetics like sprays, douches, foams, lubes, tampons.

No drugs, alcohol and smoking– many studies confirmed caffeine affects this in a bad way, avoid drinks with caffeine. Also stop drinking, smoking or taking drugs!

Healthy weight and workouts– have a healthy weight, exercise, and burn excess fat. If you have more estrogen this makes ovulation irregular, also too little weight makes imbalanced hormones.

Enjoy all the way– if you feel good mood, you will have better and enjoyable sex. Stress hinders ovulation and messes cycles up.

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