Steamed Orange – The Perfect Remedy for Persistent Coughs

We know that a cough and fever are mainly caused as the symptom of any infection. Taking cough medicines only helps one to feel better, but does nothing to heal the root cause of the infection. Actually, by taking medicine, we are interfering with our immune system.

A Persistent cough can be treated with a steamed Orange. But first, take a look at the anatomy of orange. An orange has mainly three layers, which are:

1. Flavedo: The outermost, colorful part of the orange skin. It is also called ‘zest’, which is sometimes used for rinse and tangerine tastes in baked items.

2. Albedo: White spotted yarn, which we always throw. These are filled with bioflavonoid, fiber, and vitamin C, and is also rich in pectin. Albedo contains a protective phenolic, a substance that has contributed to its bitter taste.

3. Vesicles: Vesicles is the juicy pulp part that we eat. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C and Flavonoid.

Now we all know that vitamin C can be destroyed by excessive heat, why do we steam orange? The trick is to heat the orange till albedo is steamed. Albedo, the most forgotten part is still amazingly nutritious. By warming with salt with orange, bioflavonoids from albedo are extracted in pulp and juice.

To Steam the Orange, follow these steps:

  • Cut a slice from the top of the orange. Now, pour half a teaspoon salt in it and place the cut slice back on the orange.
  • Now put the orange in a deep bowl and place the bowl in a steamer for 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, take the orange and eat its pulp while it is still warm. You only have to eat the pulp, not the peel of the orange.