What is your favorite sex pose “saying” about your personality?

Are you more withdrawn or open person? Do you like more lazy afternoon or adventure full of excitement?

Small things often know a lot about someone’s personality. Whether you are a wine that you prefer or the kind of lingerie, the horoscope or the favorite dish – such information to the world reveals a lot about what you are. One of the signs that reveals your personality is certainly your favorite pose in sex.

Sex is the most intimate act that speaks a lot about you. And what kind of bed you are often reflecting on your personality.

What is your favorite pose and what it says about you?


You like to have control in your hands. It is not difficult for you to cope with the problems and the job you are facing and you want to do whatever you want to do.

You are self-confident, you feel very comfortable in your skin and draw attention wherever you are. It is not your problem to guide people, because at least you know that all tasks and responsibilities will be fulfilled.

In private you are a fun person, favorite among your friends.


Enjoy how you allow your partner to think he has control over you … when you are actually the one who leads the game. In the bedroom – like in life – you enjoy the idea that someone else is dominant, even while, in fact, you secretly have an ace in the sleeve.

Women who prefer this pose in the public sometimes appear to be pretty conservative, but they often look for more excitement in life and like them when a partner thinks they are a bit wild.


Comfort and relaxation is more important to you than anything else. You enjoy the intimacy of your home and the people you are most proud of, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. You do not like too much excitement, you prefer to lazy at home.

When it comes to your personality, you are a real masculine and masculine, and we do not think ugly. You are a relaxed and reconciled person full of understanding – even when that is not good for you. Anyone in your life can be delighted about it.


You are authentic and you never apologize for your often different and unique thoughts and behaviors. You love to make others happy, but you also love it when someone is surprised and spoiled.

You are extraversed to a wide-minded mind that is willing to try at least one absolutely everything that is offered to you, and if you do not offer it, you will already find a way to realize your ideas. You are definitely thinking out of the box and ignoring the limitations. Life is too short to bother with constraints. Ah yes, and you’re probably an excellent multitasker.


You are very courageous and never deviate from new life challenges. You also have a little competitive spirit, and you will struggle for everything that you in your opinion deserve.

You are the definition of the word “innovative” in every aspect of life. And if you were to fulfill all your plans, you developed a strong, somewhat stubborn personality that keeps you ahead of you. Sometimes it is not easy for you, but people love you and keep track of them because they know that they will go far with you.


You are honest and a bit of a classic person. For some adventurers you can work boringly, but that’s just because they do not appreciate your kindness and affectionate nature.

You are authentic and loyal. Do not be afraid of dedication or intimacy. In fact, such relationships with people love you the most.

You like when everything is the way you plan. You have your routine and hold it. You do not feel the need for some crazy or constant adventures in life. It is much preferable for you to say this: peaceful behavior than wild waves.


You like to feel powerful, strong and bravery. And this is often because you have a strong charisma out of every pore, so you are often the center of the other’s attention.

You are fantastic in sex (and in life) because it’s never hard to do any more. “Laziness” is a word that is completely strange to you. You are full of energy and are constantly looking for new excitement.

Sometimes it may be difficult to find close people who can keep up with you, especially for lovers of love. Once you find someone who can withstand your strength and endurance – you will be an unstoppable duo!