Here’s What Your Menstruation Can Tell About Your Health

The menstrual cycle is part of every woman’s life. For some, the menstruation days are not an easy time at all. Accompanied with bleeding, changing hormones and pain, they may disturb the entire balance of the female organism.

Apart from indicating the pregnancy days, the menstruation may give warning signs of the overall health and reveal many serious diseases. Hence, every woman should pay attention to her menstrual cycles, and how heavy is the bleeding.

5 Things Your Menstruation Can Tell About Your Overall Health
1. Light Periods

Light menstrual periods, accompanied with bright pinkish blood, can indicate a problem with the thyroid gland.

If you’re regularly using oral contraceptives, pinkish blood is a common occurrence. However, if you don’t take any birth control pills, it may be a symptom of a hormonal imbalance. Visit your endocrinologist for a thyroid checkup!

2. Painful, Long And Heavy Cycles

If you happen to have very painful, long and heavy menstrual cycles, accompanied with dark red blood, immediately go to your gynecologist.

Many women think that severe pain and heavy bleedings, during a period, are completely normal. But, they are wrong! Don’t just wait for the pain to go away, do something about it! Visiting your gynecologist is a good start!

3. Late Or Absent Periods

If your period is late, or absent, and you’re not pregnant, consult your doctor immediately!

An absent period may indicate a serious disorder in the female body. It could indicate the development of insulin resistance or diabetes.

4. Sudden Bleedings

Sudden bleedings, in-between regular periods, may indicate polyps in the cervix or the womb. Therefore, they can be very serious.

If you’re taking birth control pills, sudden bleedings are a common occurrence. But, if you’re not taking any contraception, they can signalize high levels of estrogen in the body, or in a worst case scenario, can be a sign of cancer.

5. Strong Red Blood

If the blood is strong red, similar to cranberries, then everything is all right. But, if the discharge is suddenly brighter than normal, there’s a high possibility of an estrogen imbalance. Since this can lead to serious consequences, it is best to have it checked, whenever you have a suspicion.