5 Ways to Have an Orgasm Using Household Objects

Do you have an iPhone? An electric toothbrush? You’re on your way.

If you thought you, your partner, and your vibrator were the only ways to have an orgasm, think again. Your house is basically a treasure trove of avenues to get off — all you have to do is get a little creative.

Behold, a way to climax in just about every room of the house. You’ll never look at a toothbrush the same way again.

1.Electric Feel

If you need a vibrator to have an orgasm, but don’t think you have one, oh, you do, sister. Press an electric toothbrush, a rechargeable face cleansing brush, or, of course, a back massager into service as your DIY sexual slave. (Be safe, of course: Keep real electrical stuff away from sink, avoid anything with a blade or razor, etc….) Sit your ass on the sink, spread your legs and wield your new lovah between your legs as your man stands and pumps away. Take advantage of mirrors, and one or both of you can watch what’s going down.

2.Spin Cycle

Hop up on your washer or dryer, lying face down over the top, angling yourself on an edge so the vibrations are hitting you where you need them. The dryer is better for warmth and a steady vibe, and the washer spin cycle gives more of a crazy-ass wild ride. Put a towel down over the top for comfiness or go commando for a metallic feel with more intensity. (BTW, you can enjoy the love of a washer/dryer solo too. Just don’t do it at the laundromat and you should be good.)

3.DIY Dungeon

Have your (willing) victim lie on his back and for some beginner BDSM. You can blindfold him with a scarf or tights and tie him up with neckties, belts or again, scarves or tights. Try tying his arms together over his head and his ankles together. Once secured and ready to submit to your whims, you can turn spatulas or wooden spoons into paddles and clothes pins or chip bag clips into nipple clamps. Once you are feeling it, slide on top of him and use him like the delightful sex toy that his is.

4.Three Bouncing Balls

Find yourself a slutty-looking yoga ball and have your partner take a seat, with his feet firmly anchored on the ground. Sit on his lap facing him, and have him hold your hips with his hands, making sure you’re both steady. (You can do this against a couch or wall for further safety. I suppose you could also wear helmets for ultra-safety, but don’t.) Bob up and down gently and you’ll find that the ball starts doing some of the moving for you — pushing him soooo deeply inside you.

5.FaceTime, My Ass

When you’re both home, FaceTime your S.O. from a locked bedroom. Prop the phone against a surface (at a reasonably flattering angle — avoid the horrors of the under-the-chin up-shot) and tell him you’re gonna strip for him. Do just that, touching yourself and teasing him. Don’t let him come in until you’re both about ready to lose it.